Sunday, August 20, 2023

See you at Dubrow’s!

This was written by Deborah Dash Moore, who wrote one of the articles in Nosh and Kibbutz. It’s a great history of the significance of cafeterias in NYC in general, I’ve photographed her history of Dubrow’s.  I did not know the original incorporate name was Dubrow’s Pure Food!  

I also didn’t know about the court case against the waiters union in 1932!  This reflects my cousin Joe’s oral history about union busting activity occurring in my family’s restaurant. 

Saturday, July 22, 2023

New book out about Dubrow's Cafeteria!

I've gotten a hold of Marcia Bricker Halperin's new book of photographs and essays about Dubrow's Cafeteria.  I'll be sharing some text excerpts over the next few months, but I suggest all lovers of Dubrow's go out and order your copy!  It's gorgeous and while Marcia has graciously shared many of her photographs here on this blog, this book contains so many more.  You won't be sorry to have them in your home.  

Monday, December 12, 2022

Dubrows family

 Circa 1950

Front row: Paul Tobin holding Nini, Helen Dubrow, Beth

Second row: Lila Adler, Rose and Benjamin, Sylvia and Ruth Gruber

Back row: Ben Adler, Fannie Dubrow, George Dubrow, Sheila Tobin Fabrikant, Sherwin F (Sheila’s husband), Minnie Tobin, Max Tobin, Irving Kaplan, Seymour Gruber

Monday, October 18, 2021

Photo of Dubrow's on King's Highway

Stumbled on this great photo of the King's Highway Dubrow's on this website.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A query from Michael C

I received an email with an inquiry about someone' own family history:

"My name is Michael C---,and I have been doing family research and have come to learn my grand-uncle was somewhat of a fixture at your family's restaurant (Kings Hwy). His name was Louis (or Lloyd) but was known to everyone around as "The Goose". What I have heard from multiple sources is that he was always at your family's restaurant and people would come there to meet him, seeking favors and/or money. This side of my family has been a blackhole to me, and while I have made some strides, there is still so much about some of these people I don't know. With The Goose in particular, given his "occupation", I have to get creative in trying to gather information. I was wondering if there was any chance you may have heard any family stories or anything else about him. There was a Mel L. who was an associate of his that also hung around there. Anything you may be willing to share would be greatly helpful and immensely appreciated! Thank you for your time.Respectfully, Michael Cohen" 

Can anyone help Mr. Cohen out?  Anyone heard about "The Goose" - a regular at the King's Highway Dubrow's?

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Photo postcard from 1985

I purchased this off of eBay. What a great photo and also lovely little slice of oral history. The text of the postcard reads: 

"Dear Ethyl and Bill, 
I hope, Ethyl, that you've fully recovered from your accident. Too bad we won't be meeting in the old Dubrow's anymore but a new, smaller version is supposedly coming at the same location. When I walk by, I often get a nostalgic thought about the good old days. 
 Best, Dave"

The Manhattan Dubrow's closed in 1985.  I am not aware of any plans to open a smaller version in the same location, but this definitely did not happen.  

Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Soliciting Dubrow's oral history participants!

 Hello Dubrow's cafeteria fans!  I've recently joined the website Megilla which makes it easy to record oral history.  I would love to use it to collect stories from people who enjoyed Dubrow's as a customer or who worked there!  

If you're willing, drop me an email and I'll send you a question to answer.  The website should then prompt you on how to record your story.