Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Well, already this blog has become the first item that comes up when you Google "Dubrow's Cafeteria." This is the epitome of success in the 21st century and the internet age.


Anonymous said...

Hi - my name is Marcia and back in the late 70's I photographed at the Brooklyn and Manhattan Dubrow's. My work has been exhibited with great feedback but I never pursued getting these photos out there. As a fluke I googled Dubrow's today. I have journals that I kept about the people, the "over-80" club that met every morning, the divorcees, the Sat nite mink stole crowd, the guys behind the counters, - I even photographed the day they auctioned off the pots and silverware and little letters used to make the signs saying "matzoh ball soup.......bowl $1.10, coffee......35cents. All my photos are in black and white and mostly try to relate the people to the interior and exterior design. The Brooklyn Cookbook has a page on Dubrow's with my photograph of a woman clutching her ticket, framed by a checker cab and reflections of the interior of the Brooklyn Dubrows.
A small group of us were at the closing hours of the 7th Avenue, Manhattan Dubrow's, including a short man who acted there in the I.B. Singer TV drama that was filmed there.

Eve said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by. I would LOVE to see your photos sometime. If you are able to get them scanned in or uploaded to a computer, Flickr and Buzznet are great places to store pictures, and I could post a link to your photos here.

Otherwise, if it's not to expensive, I'd love to buy some of your prints, or get them on CD ROM or something.

Thanks so much for your stories - I'd love to hear more about the "Sat nite mink stole crowd." Very intriguing. The "over 80 club" sounds like what my great aunt Marian was recalling.