Thursday, April 28, 2005

Photo of Irving at Dubrow's

According to my aunt Beth, this photo was taken on the day the Manhattan Dubrow's closed, sometime in the 1980's. I remember when it closed - but I can't remember exactly when it happened.

Isn't this a great photo? My grandfather looks happy - but sad, too. He was a very emotional man. My mom has often joked that she, my cousin David, and my grandfather could rent themselves out as the Lachrymose Trio - crying at every occasion. Ultimately, I think he was happy to close Dubrow's, happy to retire - despite what it meant about the changing face of New York City.


Anonymous said...

I was there the night the 7th Avenue Dubrow's closed, Fri. August 2, 1985. There was a small group of us there to see it out. I think I once mentioned that they had filmed an Isaac B. Singer story there for TV and a character actor, a short man with a wispy goatee, was there as were a few other 'characters'.
I asked your, is it grandfather?, if I could have one of the yellow trays. He was glad to let me have it and I vaguely remember him talking about going to Florida.
My contact sheets show a printed thank you message "To our valued customers" was posted in the window. They were serving a Filet of Boston Bluefish dinner for $4.50.
There were these huge barracuda fish on the walls and a bas-relief of a founding family member but I can't make out who it is. Was that salvaged?


Eve said...

Yeah, Irving was my grandfather.
We saved a couple of those trays, too. My mother treasures hers.

I wonder if the bas-relief was of Benjamin Dubrow? I'll have to ask around.

Robert Adler said...

The sculpture was of Geroge Dubrow, Benjamin Dubrow's only son, and the founder, along with his father of the first Dubrow's on Eastern Parkway & Utica Avenue in Brookly around 1940.

Eve said...

Thanks, Robert!
Since this post I think I have determined that the bust Marcia recalls is the same bust my cousin Leonard - George's son - has in his living room. I got a card from Leonard a few days ago indicating that he would be sending me a photo of the sculpture.