Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Another loss for Manhattan

Somehow, this feels like it's related to Dubrow's: The Beekman theater, where Annie Hall was filmed, is closing its doors after 53 years. It feels like it's from the same era as Dubrow's and my grandfather.

All three of those things have come to an end. I guess everything does.


Anonymous said...

Many New York institutions had that same feel of the Dubrow's era and, sadly, hardly any remain. There is an organization here in NYC called City Lore that maintains an Endangered Places archive.
Many years ago, for a postcard fundraiser, they included a photo I took at the Kings Highway Dubrow's of workman removing the big neon letters that spelled C_A_F_E_T_E_R_I_A.
I hope you don't lose the focus of your blog - Dubrow's cafeterias. I'd love to hear more of your families' stories, including how they got into the cafeteria business to start.

Eve said...

Oh, I don't plan to.
More stories to come. I'm been a little busy lately.
I'm eagerly awaiting getting to see your photos! Is there a website for the endangered places of Manhattan, I wonder?