Monday, August 01, 2005

King's Highway mosaic

Again, photo by Marcia Bricker, who states that this is the "detail of the mosaic that covered the outside wall, mostly on the 16th Street side" of the Dubrow's on King's Highway in Brooklyn, NY.

Marcia also asks in a comment on another entry whether anyone has recollections or memories about the "other" Dubrow's in Brooklyn. Most of what I have heard from people is about the Dubrow's on King's Highway.


Robert Adler said...

The other dubrow's in Brooklyn was at 1110 Eastern Parkway at Utica Avenue. It was the original dubrow's and opened around 1940. It remained in the family until it closed around 1969.

Eve said...

Thank you! I have been waiting for somone who knew more about this to come along. Do you know why it was closed in 1969? Did it do less well than the other Dubrows restaurants?

a unique bubble said...

I remember dubrow's on kings Highway.
You could meet and greet friends and sit for hours , no one to tell you to leave, It was a light and airy place with a warmth from the people who worked a home away from home atmostphere.
Oh the memories of a kings highway that used to be, with elegant stores,so many years ago.

mike from old brooklyn said...

I grew up on President St and Utica Ave which was just 2 blocks from the "other" Dubrow's on Eastern Parway at Utica Ave. It was in the shape of an "L" with an entrance on Eastern Parkway and another one on Utica Ave. As kids going to St. Matthew's Elementary School on Utica Ave at Lincoln Place, we would always detour through Dubrow's to get a glass of cold water or seltzer at the free fountain. To put the neighborhood in perspective, right outside Dubrow's on Eastern Parway was an express bus which went directly to the World's Fair and diagonally across Eastern Parkway was a dairy restaurant by the name of "Famous"
The demise of Dubrow's was most likely caused by the changes in the neighborhood, along with peoples changing tastes. If you are ever in the area, check out the Utica Ave. side, in the middle of the block above whatever store sign is there now, is the old sign from Dubrow's which just says the
simple "Cafeteria"

Eve said...

Thank you for sharing your detailed memories! I hadn't heard about the free fountain. I don't remember the Manhattan site having one.

Do you remember when the Dubrow's on Eastern Parkway closed down? My mother thinks maybe it was before the Manhattan and King's Highway restaurants.

Anonymous said...

my father had the shoe store on the corner of 19th st, for over 35 years up until 1975

as a young boy i would have lunch with my dad there, there was a special table set up for the retail shop cronies

they included:
julie rosen of walk-strait childrens shoes

leo lesser, madison camera( his son Kenny, too)

there was berman the electrician
my father was Sam Harris of the Treadeasy shoe shop

i remember friday that was home made Gefilte fish from the heavens

these are childhood memories of a now 49 year old living in Portland Oregon

Eve said...

Thank you for posting your memories! I actually moved to the East coast from Portland, Oregon, so it's nice to have another Oregonian find this blog.

Sanda Bragman said...

I have some pictures of President Kennedy campaigning at Dubrow's on King's Highway. I do not have the technology to put them on the internet. If you want to see them, I will put them on when I go back to work in September.

Eve said...


I ABSOLUTELY want a copy of those pics of Kennedy in front of Dubrow's!!!

You can take it to any CVS pharmacy or Kinko's and have a staff person make you a copy of the photo. Then you can mail the copy to me, and I will scan it an upload it.

Contact me at and I will send you my address.

Anonymous said...

I remember Dubrows on Kings Highway, around the corner from where I lived. I remember when it closed and became a Gap. I was also there when they filmed the scene in that film (Boardwalk?) where the gang members threw the molotov cocktail through the window!

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Midwood, Brooklyn. I recently moved to Long Island. I have to say there is no place like Brooklyn, especially Kings Highway. I remember as a little girl going to Dubrows with my mother and siblings. Kings Highway was so beautiful back then . I miss the old days . I also remember Bartons Candy, Max's donuts, minerva restaurant, Hallmark, freckles bookstore,E and J stores that is now value depot,Dubarry jewelers under the train station, waldbaums, just to name a few. I will always remember Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Dubrows on Eastern Parkway and Utica was across the street from my Grandmother's apartment that she shared with my two Aunt's, one uncle and a cousin...on Sunday's my dad and I would walk up the hill to my grandmothers and often we would go to Dubrow's for dinner...the smells come back to me as I type and I am transported back for not only did your relative create great food but it smelled heavenly and the prices were right for our poor family...but in those days we did not realize we were poor...we had Coney Island, Brighton Beach, A&S and we had Dubrow's...thank you.