Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Now that we're into this thing...

I'm really curious to know about who's visiting, who's reading, and what your experiences have been - either with Dubrow's, or with the blog. Please comment on this post, even if you do so anonymously, so I know you're here.
When you do, please answer these questions:

1. How did you find this blog?
2. What was your experience of Dubrow's Cafeteria?
3. What part of the world do you now live in?
4. How often do you visit this blog?
5. What would you like to see me do differently? What would not want to see changed?

We're approaching 1000 hits since I installed the counter a couple months ago, which is fantastic. Now I want to know more about all of who have been by.


Anonymous said...

Well Eve - don't get too disappointed that no one has responded yet because Dubrow's was the star of the show today - and at the Coney Island Film Festival no less.

This afternoon I viewed the movie "Boardwalk" much of which was shot on location at the Kings Highway Dubrow's in 1978. I remember those days when the cafeteria closed down and a sign in the window announced it was for the filming of "Boardwalk", a major motion picture. Because it never got released I've waited 27 years to finally see that film.
Even in the yellow, faded print Dubrow's took your breadth away, especially the night time shots with the pink neon letters CAFETERIA ablaze.

What a trip to see Lee Strasberg and Ruth Gordon there and character actors behind the counter with the regular workers who were extras. In fact most of the people on the set were real Dubrow's patrons acting as extras.

You can see a picture of the all-star cast at this link


Joe Mama said...

Hello Eve,

There's a thread on the Brookly Board that you'd be interested in. Click here.

It's good that you're sharing your rich family history on the blog. I'm in Plano, Texas. Left Brooklyn when I was 18. My father took me to the Dubrow's on Kings Highway a few times. My most vivid memory of it was the automated ticket dispenser. You'd walk in and take a ticket, which would then ring a gong-like bell. Very interesting stuff for a kid.

Eve said...

That's a great link - I think I'll repost some of the comments people made here. I'm particularly pleased because I've heard very little about the Eastern Parkway Dubrow's here, most of the recollections are about the Manhattan and King's Highway locations.

Judith M. Pasternak said...

Hi, Eve,

I write about New York city, and I walked past where the Dubrow's in the Garment district used to be, started thinking about the New York cafeteria experience in general and Dubrow's in particular, came home and Googled it, and found you.

In the early '60s, I lived near the Eastern Parkway Dubrow's, worked near the one in the Garment District, and used to eat at both.

A born-and-bred New Yorker, I'm still here.

This is my first time visting the blog, and I'd like it if you had a box with the addresses of each Dubrow's and the dates.

Eve said...

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you'll come back.

Good question about the addresses. I am not sure I know the exact addresses of all the locations!

- 515 5th Avenue, at the intersection of 38th Street

- King's Highway (at the intersection of E. 16th St)
- Eastern Parkway

Maybe someone can help me out...