Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A few other tidbits

I'm in the middle of moving across town, so I've been too busy to do much with this blog lately, but I found a couple interesting things on the internet today:

Dubrow's Table Talk
Published: August 16, 1985

To the Editor:
A eulogy for New York's late Dubrow's cafeteria (news story, Aug. 3):
I went there for lunch a few months ago. As was the custom, a stranger, about my father's age, sat down at my table. He looked at my tray - blintzes, coffee and Boston cream pie - and then did his duty: ''You call that lunch?'' STEPHEN DRUCKER New York, Aug. 5, 1985

Also, in this article about my cousin Joe, who worked at Dubrow's and who has shared several of his memories of Dubrow's, the author mentions the Dubrow's that was opened on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. Anyone remember that one? How did it differ? How was it similar? How long was it open?


Anonymous said...

Hi Eve,

Thanks for keeping this thing going. I once tried to find the Dubrows in Miami on Lincoln Road. I photographed at a different cafeteria for a few days which had the same food/clientele but not the architecture. I think you only got that sense of building something ornate and permanent in NYC institutions (although Philadelphia had a few spectacular Horn & Hardarts).

The Eastern Parkway Dubrow's was located near the corner of Utica Avenue. It is now a Rainbow clothing shop. I scoured the corner for some remaining artifact but none was to be found.

I've seen the IB Singer drama and it focuses alot on the story using the cafeteria as a backdrop. But did you see my mention of the movie "Boardwalk". I'm awaiting that on DVD. That director really highlighted the Kings Highway Dubrow's and showed off it's theatrical touches. Link to info on it below


Eve said...

I would really like to see Boardwalk sometime. Anyway to get a copy of it? Will it be distributed through mainstream video stores?