Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Still here...

It's been 2 months since I posted. Ugh. Life has sort of taken over. April and May were rough months - some family energencies and losses. But we're OK now.

I still have 1-2 more articles I downloaded from the New York Times archives, and this summer one of my projects is going to be to go to the public library and comb through the microfiche files to find some of the articles that downloaded incompletely. Plus, there's a couple longlost family members I need to sit down and write, so I can get more oral history testimonies.

Meanwhile, Marcia Bricker, whose fabulous photos have been featured here on this blog, tells me that she is in discussions about a documentary about Dubrow's. How cool would THAT be.


Anonymous said...

Came across this site & enjoyed the photos. I grew up & lived around the corner (1963 till 1994)on E. 15 St. I have one of the punch tickets from Dubrows. When we were kids we used to go in & ask the guy if we could get a drink of water. He would give us a ticket & we would give it back to him when we left. Sometimes we snuck out thru the kitchen exit on E 16 St. Thats how I wound up with the unpunched ticket. There was a Dubrows worker who sat outside the kitchen door during his breaks & would do beautiful wood carvings. The movie "The Lords of Flatbush" filmed a scene on the corner but it didn't make it in the film. All politicians had to make the pilgrimage to Dubrows when running for office (Democratic Club was on E 15 St.) Dubrows is very much a part of my great memories of growing up in Brooklyn.

Eve said...

Thank you for stopping by and sharing some of your memories.

If you have access to a digital camera or a scanner, send me a copy of that unpunched Dubrow's ticket and I'll put it up here. You can send it to evelyons at yahoo dot com.

You are absolutely right about Dubrow's being a popular stumping ground for politicians - if you scroll back through the old entries you'll find some evidence of that from New York Times articles. I've got a couple more to add, but I need to get to the library and get the originals.