Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More reader feedback (Darryl)

I've been getting a bunch of emails from readers, which is just fabulous. I can follow the stats as to where people are when they're reading, but I have to hear from you to know WHO you are, and what Dubrow's means to you.

Darryl writes:
"My friend Marty and I would spend many a Friday night at Dubrow's on
Kings Highway. My particular favorite was the vegetable cream cheese
on a bagel. The counterman would dunk the bagel into a tray full of
chopped vegetables that would then stick to the cream cheese. One
night we met an elderly woman named Libby Siegel who had the peculiar
ability to spell any word backwards. We tried to trick her with extra
long words but she never missed.

When I was younger I did go the the Dubrow's on Eastern Parkway and
Utica. Unless I am mistaken, I drove by that corner about ten years
ago and saw a Dubrow's sign still hanging on the Utica Avenue side of
the restaurant. It was an art deco style possibly made of glass . It
was surrounded by all the billboards of the newer stores and was
barely viewable. I wonder if it is possibly still there.

If there are any artifacts around from the restaurant I would
certainly love to be able to get one. I did have one of those white
sailor type hats the countermen wore. The picture of the tray brought
back some memories.

Thank you. My life in Brooklyn during the fifties was a special time
for me and Dubrows was a nice part of it.

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Joe Mama said...

I hope you and your family are doing well. I'm sure that there's endless speculation as to what led to the demise of Dubrow's on Kings Highway. I'm sure there were a lot of factors, not the least of which was that people didn't want to pay more for quality. And in some cases, they couldn't afford to pay more for quality. Click here for an image from Google street view that I think illustrates the beginning of the end. I left the area in 1968 so I don't know exactly when McDonald's arrived. On subsequent visits, as I recall, it seems like around 1977 that I first noticed McDonald's on Kings Highway. There was also a Burger King on the same side of the street about 3 blocks west.