Monday, February 22, 2010

Group shot

This is another photo from Henry Jablonski, who it turns out was a manager at both Eastern Parkway and King's Highway.   The captions indicate that the woman sitting in the left corner is "Mrs. Dubrow," which either refers to Rose Dubrow (Benjamin Dubrow's wife) or Fannie Dubrow (George Dubrow's wife).  My guess would be the latter, which would make her Irwin Dubrow's mother.   The Asian man behind her is Nick Yang.  The man on Nick's left is Irwin Dubrow, and the man in the right corner of the picture is Henry Jablonski himself, along with Phil Podell.  The man at the center of the picture is listed as just "Harriman" but turns out to be a former New York governor.

There's obviously a number of people in this shot who aren't named.  Can anyone identify any of them?  If so, add a comment and let us know.

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