Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo from the nephew of a former employee

This photo comes from reader Richard Hackett, who writes "I have attached a photo of a tray that has been in my family for as long as I can remember. As you can see I still use it.It was given to us years ago by my uncle, Joe Hackett. I believe he worked for many years in the Manhattan Dubrow's."

Always great to hear about another Dubrow's employee. I've asked Mr. Hackett if he knew what his uncle did there. If anyone has recollections of Joe Hackett, post 'em here.


Aileen Bordman said...

This blog is amazing did anyone know or work with my Grandfather Nathan Rappel at The Kings Highway location?

stantonhog said...

Joe hackett was a chaufer originally for dubrow and then worked in the Manhattan location as a "customer service rep." This is according to my mom who worked there in the 60's first as a relish/pickle girl then behind the counter. My dad meanwhile worked in the Brooklyn store from I believe the 40's until the 60's when he was transferred to the Manhattan store where he met my mom.

Eve said...

Thanks for the details Stantonhog...I was aware of him being a driver but didn't know he also served as a "customer service rep" - what is that exactly? A sales position, or the person who answers the phone when people call?

What were the names of your parents? I love that they met at Dubrows, I'd love to talk more and get more of their stories - perhaps create a post just about them.

BobNawroth said...

Joe worked with my dad, who was the general manager of Dubrows Manhattan.
I'm pretty sure he was the driver, they did a lot of catering back then.
I'll ask dad and get back with more.
Bob Nawroth