Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Beginning

I am starting this journal as a way of remembering and honoring the restaurants I barely knew, and the wonderful, mensch of a man who ran them, my grandfather Irving Kaplan. I have discovered through Google that many people have fond memories of Dubrow's, and my hope is that people will eventually find this blog and post stories, pictures, memories, and whatever else.

I intend to use this journal to excerpt and collect people's musings about Dubrow's, as I find them or hear them. This may include things written online, stories from family members, and I'm not sure what else. Part of the reason I am embarking on this is to see what I can find.


Anonymous said...

Irwin's adopted daughter, Joanne, his wife's name was Annella, lives in Oregon and still remembers eating at Dubrow's in the 60's. The family also started another restaurant, Alfie's, named after the movie.
I will share the site with her as she's grew up in Manhattan and still feels a strong connection to the family and her cafeteria.

Leonard is also still around, living up state I believe.

Eve said...

As we have said in our emails, I was so tickled to hear from you. I would very much like to hear from you or Joanne about your memories of Dubrow's - you can post them as comments, or send them to me via email, and I will post them as a new entry.