Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dubrow's Cafeteria 1977

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LindaSoG said...

Indeed, that is the Dubrow's on Kings Highway, just a short stroll from where I grew up on Kings Highway and Ocean Parkway. I can almost see myself in that picture.

This Dubrows had a revolving door and that door was a large part of my growing up. Early in my teens, we stolled the Highway for fun and entertainment, and as teenagers will do, we got ourselves into a lot of trouble.

One of our favorite entertainments was to take over those revolving doors. My best friend Helen and I would get in and go round and round, as fast as we could.

The result: No one could get in Dubrows, or out, until we stopped and ran away.

That was 30 years ago but sometimes, it feels like yesterday.

Thank you for the memories.

Eve said...

I love this story...I can just picture it. Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

I remember this DuBrows as part of the neighborhood I grew up in. I remember that in order to make it so people wouldn't "sit there all day" they placed an elderly man on a stool with sanctions when you waolked in. You would have ti pay to get in, and they would give you the money back when you left.

I didn't eat there that often. I can recall maybe one or two times. I was just of a younger generation. I remember meeting people outside there.

That location became THE GAP, and then many other things int he years past. With the Silver Rod dirgs and other area places some still there, and seeing the old DuBrows there, it is very eerie. Things have changed. Some stay the same. But you can never go back. Fond memories of growing up on Kings Highway. I bought my first 7 inch record at Jimmys Music world, now Music factory a few blocks from DuBrows.

Eve said...

It's funny and sad to think that a quality that so many people loved about a place - that people were regulars who would sit there all day - would have been discouraged. But I guess it's not so good for business, even if you tip well.

Thanks for your recollections...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories of Dubrow's on Kings Highway but does anyone have any memories of the Dubrow's on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn? How elegant it was. I remember my mother and I walking down Eastern Parkway and I always knew when we were getting close to Dubrow's because of the YUMMY smells that would fill the air.

Eve said...

I have noticed a higher frequency of recollections about the King's Highway Dubrow's! I would love it if you would share more of your memories, photos, artwork, stories, etc of the Eastern Parkway Dubrow's. You can post them as a comment or send them to me -