Sunday, January 30, 2005

Dubrow's 1977

This is not the Dubrow's I remember from my childhood; it is not the one from 7th avenue in Manhattan. This is the Dubrow's on King's Highway in Brooklyn. Photo by Jerry at


Monte said...

circa 1967

I came across this blog serendepitously and wanted to leave a few memories for all who stumble upon this site.

as a 50 year old brooklynite looks back.. 40 years

my father was Sam Harris, he and his partner Ed albaum owned a footwear shop on the corner of E19 st and Kings Hwy.

my dad ate lunch religiously every day at Dubrows.

I recall a big table set up in the back which was for the retail men of the time. It was a cast of characters perhaps from a Woody Allen movie. I can still remember a few of those characters. Julie Rosen owned a childrens shoe shop( incidentally his daughter was Woody Allens first wife)

Leo Lesser of Madison Camera Shop(next door to the Avalon Theater.

Berman the Electrician.

some gentlemen who worked at several of the finer mens haberdashers such as Levines, Charlies, Dobneys, and Neils.

I remember a manager of Dubrows I beleive his name was Max ( one day he brought over a hunk of Strawberry Shortcake for Moi :)

What i miss are the tuna salad sandwhiches on an onion roll, an iced coffee topped with real whipped creme, and every friday there was the Gefilte fish..

sadly this landmark is no longer with us, thanks for the memories

Monte Harris Portland Oregon

Eve said... wonderful to have you stop by and share all these recollections.

I have a great uncle named Max...I wonder if he ever worked in Dubrow's, as so many family members did throughout the years.

Gefilte fish every Friday...I didn't know that. Wonderful.