Monday, January 31, 2005

Painting of Dubrow's

Late Night "Nosh", Acrylic/canvas, 24"x30", 1996, by Ivan Koota

My cousin David sent me a link to another one of Ivan Koota's paintings of Dubrow's. Here's what Koota had to say about it:

"Dubrow's was  also one of several  congenial neighborhood eateries in my area of Brooklyn where  both young and old, the “elegant” and the casual, the couple or the single, could all gather together for a late night “snack.” Either after the wedding,  after the movie,  after the party, or after the gin game,  it was time for everyone to fill up with a danish and coffee or a soda and sandwich before the evening was finally over."

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brooklynplaces said...


Thanks for showing my paintings of Dubrow's. I have so many fond memories of the Kings Highway restaurant. It's nice that so many others share the same feelings.
By the way, I do sell prints of most of my paintings. Check out my web site for the details.The site is:
Regards and nice work,

Ivan Koota