Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ask and you shall receive!

Marcia Bricker Halperin has unearthed this photo of Nissa, the woman about whom reader Julia asked in my last post. Marcia confirms that Nissa was in fact a busser and says this photo was taken in about 1977. Perhaps some day Marcia will find photos of Julia's grandfather as well.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Reader seeks information

I received an email from Julia, who sends this letter:

Good morning, Eve.
I hope my email finds you well. I stumbled across your blog when doing a search on Dubrow's Cafeteria for my grandfather. He worked for your family's Garment District location for decades and really held the management, owner, and staff in familial regard. When it closed in the mid-eighties, my grandfather regretfully lost contact with one particular employee who treated him like a dad. Her name was possibly Nissa Morales Orivera or some derivative of that. Being 84 years old, my grandfather's memory is understandably not 100%. His name is Danny Solomos. He was loved by many. I am hoping that amongst the archived information you have gathered about your family's business, you may be able to unearth some record of this woman or even my grandfather. He wants to reconnect with her before "he goes" as he puts it.

Any help you could offer would be stellar. Some other helpful details he remembers are that she would now be between 55-65 years old. Her mother Rosa also worked for that Dubrow's and they both hailed from the Morris Park area of the Bronx.

Thanks so much!

Anyone recall Nissa or Danny from Dubrow's in Manhattan? In a subsequent email, Julia went on to say that she thinks Nissa worked as a cashier, while her grandfather worked as a baker and possibly a cook for about 25 years.