Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A question from a reader

I received the following email and thought I'd post it here to see if anyone can answer his question:

I am Bill Siroty, grandson of Gussie (Schwartz) Siroty, and great-grandson of Riva and Menachim Schwartz, which I think makes Simcha my great-great-Uncle. Michael Schwartz is my father’s first cousin. 

 I don’t know if anyone can answer this question: I was at the Kings Highway Dubrows in Spring 1972 and asked the cashier if Paul was there. I didn’t really know Paul but my father would be upset that I was there and didn’t ask to see him. I gave the cashier my name and she asked if my father was Danny. She said she used to date him! I can’t remember her name now, my father remembered her but that’s all the information I have. My father was 55 in 1972, born in 1917 so I guess this woman was a little younger. 

 Even if you don’t know this women it is still fun nostalgia. 

 Thanks, Bill Siroty Manchester, NH

 Does anyone know about Paul who worked the cashier at King's Highway? Paul Tobin was a manager and owner, but of the Manhattan location, and probably didn't work the cash register much. So it probably wasn't him.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Long lost cousin

I received an email from a long lost cousin by marriage today:

Hi Eve,

I’m Michael Schwartz, and we are “kin” through the marriage of Max Tobin to Minnie Dubrow Tobin...You turn out to be my “father’s cousin’s sister-in-law’s granddaughter.” Whew….

And I enjoy your Dubrow blog (grew up till age 15 or 16 on East 16th Street between Ave N and O – Dubrow’s was up the block at 16th Street and Kings Highway – I would walk pass (sic) on the way to Junior High School twice a day and often stop in and talk to the various relatives and get fed too……

I’ve attached a photo of “Uncle”  Simcha Tabachnick  -- at my Bar Mitzvah – that’s me eating the drum stick… He was Max Tobin’s dad (Max of course was Minnie Dubrow Tobin’s husband). Simcha Tabachnick was also my grandmother Riva (Chast) Schwartz’s brother—he would avidly participate in Menachim Riva family circle meetings which were all the rage “back in the day."