Saturday, April 23, 2011

Story about Benjamin Dubrow

This one comes from my mom, Bonnie Lyons, from our recent visit to Miami for Passover. Apparently, Benjamin Dubrow was famous for being evasive about his age, and would never tell people when he was born. At some point, he settled into being 62 years old, and never changed from that age. He was just 62, from then on. It got to the point where his son, George Dubrow, turned 59, and someone asked Benjamin about his age in light of this fact: "Pops, how can you be 62 if George is 59?" To which Benjamin, undeterred, replied "That's his problem."

EDIT: Of course, this just illustrates how family stories can play with actual facts.   Based on the actual lifespan of George Dubrow's life, he never lived to be 59 and would not have been 59 in Benjamin Dubrow's lifetime.  But it doesn't mean the spirit of the story isn't still true, right?