Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Photo of Paul Tobin

This is a pretty decent photo of Paul Tobin, who along with my grandfather Irving Kaplan managed the Manhattan Dubrow's for many years. He is the son of Max and Minnie Tobin; Minnie was one of Benjamin Dubrow's five children.  It's from the Daily News, March 21, 1985, so it's about the impending end of Dubrow's that happened a few month after this article was written. We learn who Dubrow's accountant and lawyer was through this article: Marvin Margolis.  He's quoted just before the article is cut  off.

What's interesting to note is that if you compare this article to the one I posted in the last entry, it becomes obvious that the previous article didn't use a current photo of Paul Tobin!  Look at the change in how much hair he has now and how much he has in the previous photo.

The man on the right is part of another story about a different Manhattan eatery.