Monday, July 18, 2005


I've started an entry in Wikipedia, the world's coolest encyclopedia, about Dubrow's. Because Wikipedia is an online, public encyclopedia, anyone can edit the entries. So feel free to offer more facts about Dubrow's. Also, I reference several people associated with Dubrow's in the entry (Benjamin Dubrow, George Dubrow, Irving Kaplan, Paul Tobin) so if people have more history to offer about any of those people, feel free to start entries about them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eve
It looks like Wikipedia cleaned up your entries already-they tend to do that.

On another note - you are of course most interested in your familie's history with the restaurants and I'm most interested in the actual restaurants themselves. I'd like to hear family stories about the customers, what the cafeterias meant to them. Also the Dubrow's I spent the most time in was the one on Kings Highway - it was a corner and glass windows on two exposures - the exterior walls covered in a mosaic with wavy lines. Who in the family worked there?

Another note:
I am planning to be in the Cambridge area with my family soon for a few days and I have set up an e-mail address for correspondence outside the blog:

Eve said...

I couldn't tell much difference in the Wikipedia entry - is there anything you think I left out?

I would love more stories about the Brooklyn Dubrow's. Reportedly there are two - but the only one I have heard anyone mention (search the archives, there are a few stories in the comments) is the one on King's Highway.

Joanne Gruber said...

Dear Eve,
Sorry I haven't been in touch sooner! I'll make my excuses in a more private forum.Congratulations on ALL your good news this year, including this site!! I have to confess this is my first visit to it, but it looks great. I hope to contribute to it sometime soon! For example, SOMEwhere I have (nondigital, alas) color pics of the Manhattan store, e.g. of the mural there and of your grandmother in front of the counter. In the meantime, I'm writing because in my cursory preliminary look at your site I noticed that you have PAUL TOBIN described in two different ways--in some places as Benjamin's grandson and elsewhere as his son-in-law. Note that Paul is Benjamin's grandson!!! He is Nini and the late Sheila's brother, and therefore one of Minnie and Max Tobin's children. (Benjamin and Rose Dubrow's surviving children were of course George, Minnie, Lila, Sylvia, and my mother Ruth.) More later, but I just wanted to correct that ASAP! Love, Joanne ( P.S. My best to your folks.

Eve said...

Joanne, it's great to see you here! Whenever and whatever you are able to contribute to the blog would be wonderful to have. I know you are a wealth of information about Dubrow's, and that you have done a lot of work on collecting stories and such before this blog ever existed.

I do know Paul Tobin is Benjamin's grandson - thanks for pointing out I've made errors. I'll have to go back and find the entries where I did that. I'm guessing it's the places where I talked about Irving and Paul together and I probably confused the descriptions - Irving of course, was Benjamin's son-in-law.

Looking forward to seeing more of you here...

Joanne Gruber said...

Hi again Eve--among the places that you have Paul as Benjamin's son-in-law or nephew (instead of grandson) are in the Wikipedia entry and "A Little Back Story," FYI. My mother and I are going to go over as much material as we can and send you a bunch of corrections soon. Also, I think I wrote you under separate cover (maybe to your e-mail address): can you please tell me where Irving Gruber is mentioned on the blogsite? Thanks! Cousin Joanne

Eve said...

Tell me more about Irving Gruber...I didn't know him and don't think I've posted stories about him here yet.

Lila said...

I accidently came across this website. I am Lila Gruber Rubin, a first cousin to Seymour and Ruth Gruber. In addition to that, I am also someone who frequently ate at the Manhattan Dubrow's. I was there on a daily basis during the summer of 1947 when I had a summer job not far from Dubrow's. Why would anyone have eaten anywhere else when that restaurant was the best. Eve, your site gave me a pleasant moment of nostalgia and I thank you for that.

On a more personal note, I vividly recall the wedding of Seymour and Ruth as a fabulous affair. I can even remember what I wore to it.

Thanks again for your site. Lila

Eve said...

Lila, how wonderful to find family members through this blog. I'm trying to connect you to my family tree - are you a cousin from Seymour's side of the family? Who were your parents?

I would love to hear more stories about your days working at Dubrow's. My mom and aunt Beth also had a few stories to offer about their days working at Dubrow's. I've sent you an email so you can write to me directly if you like.

Ruthie and her nephew, Joe Adler, shared a couple Dubrow's stories this year at Passover. I'm still working on transcribing them.

Lila said...

Hi Eve: One error--I did NOT work at Dubrow's, I had a summer job near there.

My father, Joseph was a brother to Seymour's father Sam, ergo Seymour and I are first cousins.

If I recall correctly, your mother Sylvia was extremely kind to my dad when he lived in Florida. He frequently spoke of her with great warmth.

Other than my daughters, I am the last one on this totem pole. Both my parents as well as my sister, Florence, have passed on.

Take care, Lila

Eve said...

Thank you for the kind words about my grandma.

She was so good at keeping in touch with people and making them feel wanted. She had a list of people she called - friends, family, Sisterhood - that she kept by her phone at all times.

Her last few years, unfortunately, she succumbed to some kind of nonverbal dementia. She passed away last year. But up until the last couple years, she was wonderfully vibrant and outgoing.