Sunday, March 26, 2006

George Dubrow (1903-1956)

This is a plaque of George Dubrow, which reads:
"Dedicated to the memory of George F. Dubrow 1903-1956 as a tribute by his employees to his inspirational leadership and valued friendship."

The photo was taken by Leonard Dubrow, who was George's son. George was Benjamin Dubrow's son, and one of the earliest managers at Dubrow's Cafeteria. He died too young in a car accident. Tragically, George's oldest son, Irwin, who also worked at Dubrow's for awhile, also died too young but by his own hands.

I have heard that this plaque was on display in Dubrow's - I am not sure which one. Anyone remember it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Eve

Yes, that plaque was on a wall at the garment district Dubrow's, kind of on a small wall in an alcove off the main area where the huge mural was. I took some photos of it as well. There was also some huge swordfish on the wood wall opposite if I remember correctly.


Eve said...

Thanks for confirming that for me!

It'd be cool to have a picture of the plaque in its place in the restaurant, if you have any...