Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Irving in Dubrow's

Found some more photos in my aunt Beth's house - this one is of Irving Kaplan in the Manhattan restaurant.


Joe Mama said...


Your uncle Irving looks like a real mensch, somebody who would care about his customers and his staff. If I didn't know better, I'd say the man sitting at the table in the background in the photo, is talking on his cell phone. But of course, that's not possible. He's probably leaning his head on his hand while reading the latest on Michael Quill and the subway strike in the Daily Mirror, wondering whether a token is going to go from 15 cents to a quarter.

Eve said...

He was a real mensch.

It's funny - I thought the same thing when I saw the picture - it looked like the man in he background was on a cordless phone, but he couldn't have been since the technology didn't exist yet.

Upon scrutinizing the photo with my family, we discovered that it's actually the black frame of the man's glasses that looks like a phone. I was thinking he was doing a crossword puzzle - but your story could just as well be. Dubrow's was the meeting ground for all sorts of types, a great place for solidarity movements to be formed. The bread and butter of the Manhattan restaurant was, after all, the garment industry.

Anonymous said...

My Aunt Reba worked in Dubrow's Manhatten behind the counter for many years! (60's and early 70's). My friends & I would visit the city from Long Island and marvel at the bustle and activity behind the counter as they prepared and served up deli delights! My wedding dress in 1971 was the result of Aunt Reba's "networking" the garment district manufacturers who frequented Dubrows. Thanks for the memories! (Aunt Reba retired from Dubrows and moved to Fla. in the early 70's. She passed away at 89 in 1997. )

Eve said...

What was Reba's last name? Did she know "the two Simons"? I have some fabulous stories to share (when I get them transcribed) about "the two Simons" who worked at the Manhattan Dubrow's.

What a wonderful story about your aunt Reba's wedding dressing being born out of Dubrow's connection to the garment industry. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

My Aunt Reba's last name was Mogilkin. She lived in Brooklyn in a rent controlled apt. that she bragged she paid $42.50 a month to rent till she moved to Fla. in 1972!
I remember she'd come out to LI on the Long Island Railroad for a weekend and bring rugaluch and challah...I can still taste it now!
I don't remember names of people who worked there..however I remember the family atmosphere that I witnessed of all the staff from the busboys to any managment she showed me off to! Thanks for these memories.