Thursday, August 03, 2006

The two Simons

This is a transcribed conversation between my great aunt Ruthie and my cousin Joe, who is a nephew of Benjamin Dubrow. They are recalling two men who used to work at Dubrow's, both of whom were named Simon.

Ruthie: There were two men named Simon. Do you remember that story? Well, one of them you knew, Simon Botwinik –

Joe: I’ll tell you a story about him in a second.

Ruthie: Anyhow, I forget what the other Simon did, Nathan I think was a manager. Oh, he was at the salads?

Joe: That’s the guy who would sweat, making the chicken, uh, tuna fish salad…

Ruthie: Anyhow, just by pure coincidence, both men named Simon, that was their actual names, had the hugest noses. But huge. But, uh, Simon Botwinik finally had plastic surgery done…it was still far from perfect…but it was much smaller then. So they then became – this is Yiddish – Simon 'untha nose,' that was him, without the nose – and Simon 'wittha nose.'

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