Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dubrow family

This is a photo of the family of Benjamin Dubrow. The smallest child is Ruthie Dubow, which dates this photo to just a year or two after her birth. She is sitting on Benjamin's lap, and beside them is Sylvia, the next youngest. Sylvia went on to marry Irving Kaplan, my grandfather and an eventual manager and part owner of Dubrow's. Beside her is Rose Dubrow, Benjamin's wife. In the back row we have Lila, who would become the mother of Joe and Robert, who have both made appearances on this blog in comments and in the oral history I took last Passover. Beside Lila is George, Benjamin's only son. He was a manager of Dubrow's until his tragic early death, and also the father of Irwin Dubrow, who was also a manager of Dubrow's. Finally, the woman beside George is Minnie, who went on to marry Max Tobin. Both Max Tobin and his son, Paul Tobin, went on to be managers of Dubrow's.


Anonymous said...


You really need to get your family history straight about who owned Dubrow's and who started the business.

You should really do a little more research!!

Eve said...

Hey, if you're going to post hostile comments, could you at least identify yourself? That's just basic blog etiquette.

I am very welcoming of corrections for things I may have gotten wrong. I know that the distinctions between owner/manager are not always clear to me. But I re-read this post, and can't find anything factually wrong.

Benjamin Dubrow started Dubrow's. Irwin, Irving, and George were all at various times either owners or managers, as was Paul Tobin.

What am I missing?