Saturday, August 06, 2011

Eastern Parkway Dubrows, 1945

Reader Brian Merlis sent me this photo of Dubrow's on Eastern Parkway, circa about 1945. What a great find!


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This is just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

See also the watermarked B&W photo at which portrays the place in the context of Eastern Parkway. Let me observe that while the block corner was occupied by other establishments, Dubrow's had an entrance on Utica Avenue as well. Me? I'm a Baby Boomer who spent nearly all of his first decade living a short (i.e. not long) block from the corner of this Dubrow's.

Dubrow's sat in the eastern borderlands of Crown Heights, with Brownsville starting on the other side of Lincoln Terrace Park, where all the neighborhood schools I attended stood. People interested in the colorful history of this area might like to consult the multimedia annotated map at