Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dubrow's in Miami

Dubrow's in Miami has been a little neglected by this blog.  A Google search today reveals some more information - such as this great article in the Miami Herald which describes Miami in the 1950's as a leader in the South in desegregation, and the part Dubrow's Cafeteria played in making it a comfortable home for Jewish families as well. 

And FYI, I have heard much about Rabbi Kronish over the years. He was the rabbi my family grew up talking about for many many decades.

"I really had never seen anything like Miami Beach. It was mostly desegregated for Jews by 1947, except for Bal Harbour. That unforgettable smell of fresh tobacco in the air was gone. Once our family checked into the rooms we reserved at The Georgian Hotel on Lincoln Road and Collins Avenue, I took one look out of the window at the ocean and knew that one day I would make the Miami Beach area my home.

The Georgian was at the heart of everything we did for fun that summer. It was a short distance to some of the Beach’s legendary eateries: the Crossroads, DuBrow’s Cafeteria, Huey’s Cathay House, Wolfie’s, Joe Hart’s Pickin’ Chicken and the Noshery at the Saxony Hotel. Between the hotel pool, the beach, miniature golf next door, and breakfast at the Liggett’s Drug Store counter, what’s not to like for a 9-year-old? I can still taste the fried chicken from Joe Hart’s and the corned beef sandwiches from DuBrow’s, sliced thin and piled high for a dollar." 

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