Thursday, September 01, 2005


This is another image of the destruction of the Dubrow's on King's Highway in Brooklyn; this one by Jerry at

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I met a guy yesterday at the Flatbush Frolic, a small street fair, who sells photos of old Brooklyn - mostly Coney Island and Ebbetts Field. I asked him if he had any photos of Dubrow's and, while he didn't, he did have stories and soon a small group formed all telling their Dubrow's Kings Highway memories.

One story was about a guy who every morning set out the racing forms across some tables in the back area by the mosaic water fountain. He would pour over them setting up his bets saying yes that's it, I've got it and assorted other positives. By afternoon he would come back, lay them out again, and look at them saying what could have gone wrong and shaking his head.

Of course everyone tells their stories with a good dose of a Brooklyn accent, lots of hand gesturing and a wistful tone for the good old days at Dubrow's.