Tuesday, April 08, 2008

JFK campaigning at Dubrow's

Several other readers have talked about their recollections of JFK campaigning at the King's Highway Dubrow's. Reader Sanda Cohen has submitted a couple fabulous photos which commemorates this event. This is the first of those photos.


Marcia said...

Hi Eve

I believe this photo of Kennedy was taken on the 16th Street side in front of Craig's Bake Shops which was across the street from Dubrows. Maybe they had the rally on the side street or brought Kennedy into Dubrow's through the kitchen entrance which was there. Can Ms. Cohen confirm this?
My mom says she remembers my Dad went to see Kennedy there that night.

KEN said...

I was 12 years old and standing right in front of the Dubrow's entrance when John Kennedy came there to meet with local Democratic leaders that night. There was a filler article in the NY Times that day, which was only one sentence long, indicating that he would be there. My friend, Jeffrey Hellman, and I went there right after dinner and watched as thousands of people showed up, lining the streets. I remember being right near the door, pushed up against police barricades and trying to avoid the rear hooves of the police horses that were sent in to control the crowds. Kennedy emerged from a limo and walked right past me. I thought that he didn't seem real, or even human, as the lights mounted on the bank across the street backlit the entire scene. He almost seemed like a deity. One of the most memorable moments of my life.

Unknown said...

He did go inside Dubrow's to use the Mens room. I was young and inches away from hi. They also did a Campaign stop at the Flatbush Junction with LBJ