Friday, April 25, 2008

Questions from readers

Jeff writes with recollections and a question about the Miami Beach Dubrow's Cafeteria. I know very little about this, but I thought I'd see if anyone else did. I'm pretty sure I remember going to Dubrow's on Lincoln Road, but honestly, I was so young (I was 12 in 1985 when the last Dubrow's Cafeteria closed for good) I could be mixing up Manhattan and Miami, since I went to both places at different times in my childhood.

Jeff writes:
"I found your blog site while trying to research the Dubrow's located on Lincoln Road in the 1950's through sometime in 1963 (?).

I'd moved to Miami Beach as a youngter when my family relocated from Brooklyn around October of 1963, and at that time the Dubrow's on Lincoln Road was closed and had a "Bankrupt" sign hanging on the inside of the doors. A couple of years later, the location reopened as "New Dubrow's, Inc."

Did your family reopen it, or was it run independent of them?

Also, a dear, departed friend of mine was in the sign business down here since 1948. He did work for the Lincoln Road Cafeteria - the original name of where Dubrow's ws located. Did the family purchase that location, or originally run it as the Lincoln Road Cafeteria?

Also, Marcia has a question about the picture of Kennedy in front of Dubrow's:
"I believe this photo of Kennedy was taken on the 16th Street side in front of Craig's Bake Shops which was across the street from Dubrows. Maybe they had the rally on the side street or brought Kennedy into Dubrow's through the kitchen entrance which was there. Can Ms. Cohen confirm this? My mom says she remembers my Dad went to see Kennedy there that night. "


Mike said...

There is no question that the bakery is Craig's Bake shop. I was born in 1969 in Brooklyn, and grew up as a kid on Kings Highway and East 21st Street. I remember going to Dubrows all throughout my youth in the 1970s. To the left of that picture would be a Waldbaums supermarket, to the left of where the photographer was standing was an OTB (at least when I was a kid) and behind that photographer would be the side entrance of Dubrows. It's on East 16th Street between Kings Highway and Avenue P. Thanks so much for such a wonderful site Eve!

Anonymous said...

Craig's Bakery was the best I was born in 1956 and when I was a teenager, I used to walk to Craigs a few blocks away for their delicious Kaiser, egg and onion rolls. I have never had anything better. Remember the sponge cake on the counter? they would cut a piece as large or small as you wanted (lemon, plain or marble).
I grew up on E. 15 Street between Avenue O and P.