Friday, March 30, 2007

Comparing Dubrow's to Bagel Nosh

In 1976, the New York Times published an article entitled "You Can't Judge a Bagel By the Decor Around It" about the new chain of bagel shops called Bagel Nosh. This Manhattan chain was apparently very successful - it spread as far away as California, and several copycat franchises popped up. It does not appear that the current California and Arizona company by the same name is related - according to their website they started in 1993.

In general the article is about Bagel Nosh, and not unlike some of the glowing descriptive articles written about Dubrow's at different times, but what I find very interesting is that the owner of Bagel Nosh compares his restaurant to Dubrow's:

"'If you look in here and compare our crowd to the people you see next door at Dubrow's,' (Thomas) Quinn said by way of explaining his Seventh Avenue and 38th Street location, 'you'll notice we get the women and girls while they get the rackpushers and more traditional garment district types.' Women, in fact, outnumber men at lunch in that location by about six to one and, in general, exhibit a sort of career girl fashion awareness in dress." (New York Times, August 31, 1976)


JGernie said...

I remember going to my uncle's store when I was about seven, then later worked in the 38th and 3rd store for a short time while I was in High School.

I remember the article when it came out, that was a long time ago...

Do where I could more info or a picture of the good ol Bagel Nosh hay days

Eve said...

I'm not sure whether you're recollecting Bagel Nosh or Dubrow's...which one was your uncle's store? Which one was on 38th and 3rd?

I don't know much about Bagel Nosh. Sorry.