Sunday, March 04, 2007

Richard Peck quote

Author Richard Peck wrote an article for the New York Times about Brooklyn, and Dubrow's gets a mention:

"If Flatbush has a southern frontier, it is King's Highway. The commerce along Flatbush Avenue is beginning to go to seed, but King's Highway is a vital retail area. There is the London Fruit Market and the 1940's glamour of Dubrow's Cafeteria. There is Perlson's for men's wear, featuring pearl-buttoned denim for Brooklyn cowboys."
(New York Times, April 29,1973)

The end of the article mentions his book Dreamland Lake, which may relate in someway to the article, which is a nostalgic/historical piece. But it is one of a series of articles that document the changes beginning to take place in Brooklyn, of which Dubrow's was a part.

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