Sunday, March 18, 2007

Metropolitan Diary

That's title of what looks like an article in New York Magazine (November 22, 1976). It's written by Tom Buckley, and it's a piece about life in New York City. I find this quote about Dubrow's very interesting:

"The Governor, one of the landmarks of the Garment Center, closed last month...Well, you can still catch up on the gossip of the salesmen and the cutters at Dubrow's, on 38th and Seventh. Just tilt your chair up at an interesting table (that's your reservation) and go get your soup."

I didn't know about tilting your chair up. It's those little details I love to hear.


Anonymous said...

Please note:
The last photo I sent you of a man covering his face next to the large water fountain was taken at Governor's Cafeteria not Garfield Cafeteria.


Eve said...

This one?

Thanks for the correction. I've changed it in my photo file.

Anonymous said...

Hello Eve,

I've come across some photos of Dubrow's and would like to send them to you. I also come from a "Cafeteria Family" (

I enjoyed your blog, let me know if you would like the photos.


Robert Clinton